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Vegan Rice Crispy Shroom Bars!
BY Happy Fungus

BY Happy Fungus

Happy Fungus is a natural psychedelic wellness company from Nova Scotia, Canada, EST 2018. We are focused on the benefits that magic mushrooms have on mental health. Our life purpose / mission is to provide everyone with affordable, easy access to the natural psychedelic & plant medicines that saved our lives. We’re here to help you.

New Bar Flavour – Rice Crispy!

New Bar Flavour - Rice Crispy! Edibles

We asked on our Instagram whether or not you wonderful humans would like us to add another flavour of bar to our website and it was a resounding yes! So we’re super excited to let you know we’re adding rice crispy bars!

Made with dairy free chocolate and gluten free rice crispies, these bars are much lighter than our regular dark chocolate bar.

We’re offering this new flavour for 5 gram bars of all of the strains we carry, so you can have your favourite kind of magic mushroom trip with this new, delicious treat!

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