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Vibe – Stress Relief & Sexual Health Microdose Supplements


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From microdose capsules, vegan shroom bars, mushroom teas & plain ol shrooms!


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Great, clean product.

I have been using fungus for many years but I’ve never had a better product then happy fungus. Great clean product, I like that it is local.


These Products Are F**kin Bomb

Definitely the best magic mushrooms and psilocybin products I ever had. P E has intence visuals and all products are of the utmost highest quality and the

Izzy H

Love the flow

I really love these capsules, they are the perfect balance and give a really nice energy boost, if I find myself dragging ‘flow’ really helps pick my


Chronic illness

4 years ago. I was in a car accident and thought I was going to die. Thankfully, I survived. However, I now live with multiple ailments; chronic


Delicious and Fun!

I’ve bought these several times now and have tried them alone, as well as brought them out at parties. The PB cups were a huge hit. Everyone

Andrew L

High quality natural medicine and friendly service. Happy I found this site😊

As a long time sufferer of chronic anxiety, I must say, This product added much color too my life… B well and shine on all✌-n-💚


I love these folks!

First off, I want to say that the people who run this business are an absolute delight and are so informative about their product. They take so


Best products in Canada

The products that are produced here are nothing but top notch. I honestly never been so thankful for much need brain reset I need ❤️❤️❤️


Tangible Improvements

I maintained a schedule of taking two of these capsules daily for several weeks and noticed tangible improvements in both my mood, and my ability to stay


Fn mint!

I have tried and tested everything my friends had to offer and I’m not one to give credit to anyone even if it’s well deserved but the

Davie boy

Couldnt be Happier!

Love these guys, and couldnt be happier with the product. I deal with anxiety, and bouts of seasonal depression. I never sleep through the night, ever. Usually


Best around !

I’ve been getting mushrooms and microdosing capsules from these guys for a while now. Every single time I’ve been happy with the everything. They go above and


I have never been happier in life.

I just love all of your products. I ordered an ounce of these and they were amazing!! My boyfriend and I had a lovely trip together! I


Great product and great customer service.

Great product and great customer service. Easy delivery. If you’re looking for a more visual time highly recommend the penis envy’s. For sure going to be a


Total mental clarity.

It was approaching over 8 years since I’ve experimented with psychedelics because I had a profound experience and made the personal choice that there was nothing further



I’m so pleased with my experiences. I enjoyed half of a 5gm shroom bar the other day. I had amazing visuals during some meditation and tuning into


The sudden onset of depression and anxiety lifted almost instantly

My first experience with Penis Envy mushrooms was a short and simple one. I was feeling depressing settling in so I broke a half cap off and


Magical Experience

Both the taste of the shrooms and the experience were delicious And the customer service is very interactive and helpful. I’m happy customer of happyfungus … ,)


Happy Happy Fungus customer!

Love this tea so much! So happy with it! Tastes amazing and the quality is 100% cap! 10/10 will buy again


Thank you so much for making mushrooms so easy to take.

I love your product!!! It makes me feel so much better.. I’m suffering from an illness that attacks my liver right now & I’m about to get


Very good!

Efficient and fast communication. Courteous service. Professionally packaged quality product. I’ll buy again.



The lemony flavour of this tea is delicious, I feel like it did kick in faster then just a regular tea!! This macrodose lemon tek was a



Peanut butter cups tasted amazing! As were the mushrooms. The experience definitely provided some really great mental clarity.

K & C

Happy Happy Fungus!

I’m in love with this cute company! The treats are fantastic and the service is phenomenal! I’m already dreaming of my next order!

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